a Microphone Mute/Cough Controller With
Integrated Stereo Headphone Amplifier for Program


The ideal solution for studio or remote broadcasts requiring a MUTE or COUGH switch and an integrated headphone amplifier. The Audio-Pod Mute works in conjunction with other Audio-Pod modules and Power Supply. One Audio-Pod Power Supply (not included) will power up to four Audio-Pod modules, and any combination of Audio-Pod module types or options may be combined using the same Power Supply. 10 foot power supply cables are supplied with each Pod.

Table-top and flush mounting brackets for mounting the Audio-Pod modules are also available.

  • The Mic MUTE control portion includes the following features:
    • Large LED lighted long life silent reed type push button
    • Front or top mounted pushbutton (customer choice, no extra charge)

    • XLR connectors for Mic in and out as well as Eurostyle screw terminal termination of Mic out connection on the rear panel terminal block
  • • Switch selectable Phantom Power is included

  • The integrated stereo headphone amplifier section includes the following features:
    • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) circuitry employed
    • Power Op-Amp headphone output providing both the power and P-P voltage required to drive headsets ranging from 8 to 600 ohms
    • Rear panel output phase switch (0/180 degrees) to address bone conduction cancellation issues often experienced by users
    • ESD protected ¼” and 3.5mm stereo headphone output jacks on the front panel
    • Rear panel "maximum headphone gain set control" to restrict the maximum headset output
    • Single ended L&R inputs on rear panel 3.5mm stereo jack for quick connect and disconnect as well as Eurostyle screw terminal termination on the rear panel terminal block
    • Precision metal film resistors used throughout the audio chain for low noise


Model number convention: AP-MUTE- (FB or TB)

FB=front button
TB=top buton

Audio-Pod Power Supply (powers up to 4 Audio-Pods)

Audio-Pod Mute Module - $259.00
Audio-Pod Power Supply Model AP- PS - $94.00
Table Top Tilt Mounting Bracket Model AP-TTB - $29.00
Flush Mounting Bracket for (In-Table Mounting) Model AP-FMB $32.00

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