The "MIC-POD” ,
a "Bare Bones" Microphone ON-Off Controller

The Mic-Pod is an ideal solution for remote broadcasts, talk studio applications, or whenever you just need a mic OFF-ON switch.

The Mic-Pod features microphone On-Off control with the following features:

• Large LED differentially lighted Mic-On and Mic-Off long life silent reed type push buttons
• Cough-mute function integrated with Mic-On button

• Control buttons may be ordered with front panel (MP-FB), or top surface mounting (MP-TB) at no extra cost
• Remote control of Mic On-Off function with a logic low or contact closure
• LED Mic On status indication on the rear of the enclosure for status check by control room operator or others
• XLR connectors for Mic in and out
• Rear panel screw terminal block connector for Solid State Relay output drive voltage, continuous or flashing, (an internal jumper setting), to drive a DME Solid State Relay Pack or customers own solid state relay for ON-AIR or RECORDING signs, or for an external LED indicator
• 9VDC universal input power supply included

Model Number Examples:
Mic-Pod with front buttons: MP-FB
MIC-Pod with top buttons: MP-TB

The Mic-Pod retails for only $134.00


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