User Level Password Change Information for the Following Remote Controls and Automation Interface Modules for the Sage Endec

SE-1822 Interface and Remote Control
Ultimate Remote Control and Interface Module
Ultimate Jr. Remote Control and Interface Module
Ultimate Mini and Mini-LP Remote Control and Interface Module
MS1822 Automation Interface Module
LP1822 Automation Interface Module
RWT MultiBlaster Automation Interface Module

Why Change The Password?

On February 12th, 2013 the FCC issued an immediate action notification regarding CAP and EAS device security. This notice was issued due to a hacker taking control of an EAS encoder-decoder and initiating a bogus EAS message on the air.

Sage-Endec devices are shipped with the default passwords installed and few stations reset them to something other than the default. DME Remote Controls and Automation Interface Modules use the default password in their code string to issue commands to the Sage-Endec, and if the user level password is changed in the Endec from the default values, the DME products will not operate properly. Changing the Administrator password has no effect on our product operation.

What Do I Do Now?

The new password change will need to be written into the microprocessor program by us. This will require the return of the Remote Control or Automation Interface Module to DM Engineering.

The Ultimate series will require the return of the Remote Control portion only, no wiring or interface module need be returned.

The SE-1822 Remote Control will require the interface module only be returned. No wiring nor the control box need be returned.
The MS1822, LP1822 and MultiBlaster Interface Modules will need to be returned.

Call DME for an Return Material Number. When your RMA number is issued you will be asked for your credit- card information, or you may pay by company check submitted with the unit for reprogramming. Credit cards and checks will not be processed until the unit is shipped backto you.

Please complete the RMA Return Information Form linked to this sentence, print it, and include it with your return shipment. Make sure to include the new 4 digit User Level password you want to use on the form.

Reprogramming will be done as quickly as possible ant the unit will be returned by Fed-Ex Ground service. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The total cost to make the change is $65.00 per unit including shipping. California returns will be charged 7.5% sales tax.

Why $65.00?

Making the password changes consists of the following steps:

1. Receive, unpack, process the RMA data, and test the returned unit for proper operation.
2. Disassemble the unit and remove the microprocessor. Interface modules are SMT devices and will need to be replaced after removal. Ultimate series units have socketed devices.
3. Rewrite the microprocessor code to accomidate your User Level Password change and assemble the code.
4. Reprogram the microprocessor if it is a flash device or program a new microprocessor and re-install in the unit.
5. Reassemble the unit and test for proper operation with the new password using a reprogrammed Sage-Endec.
6. Repackage the unit for delivery and process shipping documents.
7. Deliver the package to the carrier.