A "Stand-Alone" Microphone Switching Control that makes low cost production mixing boards act like expensive broadcast consoles.

Available now...The "MIC-PRO 2" ON/OFF LED lighted and silent switching module will upgrade a low cost production mixing board to have the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console. High reliability and silent LED lighted "MIC ON" and "MIC OFF" buttons enable and disable the mic channel so the mic level control can be left at its optimum setting.

As many microphone channels as your production board has "Insert" jacks for can now be individually controlled by it's own "MIC-PRO 2", and is ideal for home studio applications and professional studio control of individual microphones for round table, interview room, podcasts, or conference room applications where a single operator or multiple guests can control their own microphones.

Each "MIC-PRO 2" also provides a logic low "control" output for interfacing with the DM Engineering Studio SLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack or the HE Superelay if desired. The "MIC-PRO 2" "control" outputs may be paralleled from multiple "MIC-PRO 2" modules to control our Studio SLAVE Relay Pack for controlling studio speaker muting and ON AIR/ RECORDING sign functions, etc.

The "MIC-PRO 2" is powered by either the supplied DC power module, the DM Engineering Studio SLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack or Superelay, if used. As many as 5 "MIC-PRO 2" switching modules can be powered by one power supply module, Studio SLAVE or Superelay.

The "MIC-PRO 2" may be attached to the to the side of the production board as shown or it may also be secured to table tops or any other location desired using the supplied hook and loop fastener system, or for a more permanent solution, the supplied double sided tape. Each "MIC-PRO 2" is supplied with a standard 6 foot "Insert" cable and power supply module.

Complementary button labeling is available if the standard MIC ON and MIC OFF is not desired. A limit of 2 lines of 6 characters each (including spaces) is allowed. If custom labeling is desired, pecify the exact lettering and orientation when ordering. The picture above shows vertical orientation.

"MIC-PRO 2" $125.00 + shipping

"MIC-PRO 2" Requirements:
Production Board with "Insert" jacks for each channel to be controlled
9VDC input Power Supply module (included), (Up to 5 "MIC PRO 2's can be powered by one power supply module)

Supplied Materials:
“MIC-PRO 2” microphone switching module
9VDC Power Supply Module with 4' cord

6 ft. insert cable
Hook and loop fastener materials
Double sided adhesive pad
Alcohol swab
Cable ties and tie anchors
User guide

Size: 2.6 x 3.0 x 1.1
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb. (approximate)

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