The Studio SLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack

The Studio "SLAVE" Auxiliary Relay Pack is a microprocessor based switching and control interface for various switching functions required in most broadcast studios and control rooms, where multiple and various isolated outputs are required to operate from one or more control inputs. Input and output connectors are Eurostyle pluggable types. Some outputs have user selectable provisions for release delay times from instantaneous to one second. Selection may be made to restrict the release delay to the Solid State Relay output driver voltages exclusively. LED power and activation indication is provided as well as a "test" button for activation of the unit locally.

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- Relay outputs, 8 form C (SPDT) bifurcated gold clad silver isolated contacts for switching functions ranging from low level audio up to 2 amps, AC or DC. Circuits 1-4 follow input commands while the release time of circuits 5-8 may be delayed up to 1 second if desired.

- Solid State Relay driver voltages (5VDC), current limited simultaneous constant and flashing driving signals for remote control of the available DM Engineering Solid State Relay Pack or the users own SSR for "ON AIR" or "RECORDING" signs or any other appropriate application.

- Tally output, an optically isolated floating NPN transistor output for controlling another tandem "SLAVE" units or any other appropriate application.

- 9-12 VDC, unregulated supply voltage up to 350 ma. for utility use such as lamp or LED illumination.

CONTROL INPUTS: (can be used simultaneously)
- Latch on, a momentary contact closure between the Latch On terminal and the Common terminal will activate the unit.

- Latch Off, a momentary contact closure between the Latch Off terminal and the Common terminal will deactivate the unit.

- Continuous, a closure between the Continuous terminal and the Common terminal will activate the unit. Removal of the contact closure will deactivate the unit.

- 5-30VDC Continuous, operates the same as the Continuous function but allows for the application of 5-30Volts DC between the input and common terminals to activate the unit. Removal of the voltage will deactivate the unit.

- RELEASE SELECT: user configurable release times for output circuits 5-8 and SSR relay driver voltages, except output circuits 1-4 and Tally which follows the input commands. The Release select may be restricted to the SSR driver voltages only if desired. Available selection times are; Normal (approx. 2ms), 250ms, 500ms, or 1 sec.

POWER: 9-12VDC, using supplied power supply
SIZE: 6 X 7 X 1.25 inches (including attached connectors)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: Approximately 2 lbs.

DM Engineering Solid State Relay Pack: Remote SSR switching up to 5A @125VAC.

+ DM Engineering "The Mic Pro": A Mic ON/OFF switch module that works in conjunction with the SLAVE, designed to give inexpensive production mixing boards such as Mackie, Behringer and Yamaha the Microphone Switching, Speaker Muting, and Sign Illuminating capabilities of expensive broadcast quality consoles.

+ DM Engineering "MIC PRO 2: Expansion "Stand Alone" MIC ON/OFF Switch Module, similar to the original MIC PRO above, but used in addition to the original MIC PRO for individual control of additional Mic inputs.

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