The Studio Solid State Relay Pack


Either N.O. Contact Closure, Logic low, and/or 5-15VDC Activation

The Studio Solid State Relay Pack is a switching interface for controlling ON AIR, RECORDING, PHONE FLASHER or other incandescent lamps (floods, spots, etc.) without the necessity of running high AC voltages over long distances by using a normally open contact closure and/or a low voltage DC control voltage (5-30VDC). It is also designed to directly interface with the DM Engineering Studio "SLAVE" Relay Pack, Mic-Pro 2, Audio-Pod series, the Hot Line Single and Multi-Line Phone Flasher series and the Silence Sense Jr., but will activate with any customer provided contact closure or DC control input voltage between 5 and 15 VDC. The input connector is a Eurostyle screw terminal type and input voltage polarity need not be observed. AC input and output connections are standard Nema grounded AC plug and receptacle types. (See pictures below) Zero-crossing technology is employed to eliminate noise and UL recognized components are used. The unit is capable of switching up to 5A @ 125VAC and is internally fused at 5A.

output side input side

ONLY $135.00


- 105-125VAC @ .06 - 5Amps
Internally fused at 5A.

- 5-15VDC @ 17 ma. maximum
- Normally Open Contact Closure or Logic Low

-5 X 6 X 1.5 inches (including connector)

-Approximately 2 lbs.

DME COMPANION PRODUCTS that will directly control the Solid State Relay Pack:
DM Engineering Studio SLAVE Relay Pack: A relay switching device that operates 8 form "C" relay contacts for studio or control room muting of monitor speakers, phone ringer muting, ON-AIR Solid State Relay control (both constant and flashing), "Insert" mic control of low cost boards when used with the DM Engineering original Mic-Pro Mic Switching Module, plus other control features.
+ DM Engineering Audio-Pod Series: A Mic ON/OFF switching pod with built-in headphone amplifier. Available with or without a high quality mic pre-amp and phantom power options, as well as an IFB talk-back option. Jumper selectable constant or flashing Solid State Relay outputs.
+ DM Engineering "MIC PRO 2": Designed to give inexpensive production mixing boards such as Mackie, Behringer and Yamaha the Microphone Switching and Sign Illuminating capabilities of expensive broadcast quality consoles.

+ DM Engineering Studio Hotline Phone Flasher Series: Single-line and Multi-line Phone Flashers with high output LED flasher indicators. Often incandescent flood lamps are used to "wake up" the "talent" when the phone rings or if the included door/alarm alert is activated.
+ DM Engineering Silence Sense Jr.: Silence Detector with relay contact, momentary or constant, normally open or normally closed and Solid State Relay output, .

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