A Microphone Switching System
that makes low cost production mixing boards act like expensive broadcast consoles.
Designed to control the DM Engineering Studio Slave, Henry Engineering Superelay, or other similar relay packs.

Available now...The MIC PRO ON/OFF LED lighted switching module, when combined with the DM Engineering SLAVE Studio Auxiliary Relay Pack or any other relay pack with required inputs and outputs (see below), will upgrade a low cost production mixing board to have the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console. High reliability LED lighted "MIC ON" and "MIC OFF" buttons enable and disable the mic channel(s) so the mic level control(s) can be left at the optimum setting. More than one Mic input can be controlled simultaneously using the MIC PRO and Studio SLAVE Auxiliary Relay Pack or competitive product. Monitor speaker muting and "ON AIR" or "RECORDING" signs may also be controlled via the relay pack. The MIC PRO is attached to the console with the supplied hook and loop fastener system or double sided tape, for a more permanent solution, to the side of the production board as shown below.

For individual control of more than one Mic input or Mic control without using a relay pack, check out the "MIC PRO 2" for a stand alone solution.

Complementary button labeling is available if the standard MIC ON and MIC OFF is not desired. A limit of 2 lines of 6 characters each (including spaces) is allowed. Specify the exact lettering, case and orientation when ordering. The picture above shows vertical orientation.

Only $85.00 + shipping

System Requirements for the Mic-Pro:

Production mixer with "Insert" jacks available for each Microphone channel controlled

DM Engineering Studio "Slave", Henry Engineering "Superelay" or other compatible switching device

Size: 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.1
Shipping Weight: 1 Lb. (approximate)

Supplied Materials:
“Mic Pro” module with 6 ft. control cable
One 6 ft. insert cable consisting of a 1/4" phone jack and a resistive network built in
Hook and loop fastener materials for mounting
Double sided adhesive pads for permanent mounting
Alcohol swab
Cable ties and tie anchors
2ea. 620 ohm resistors for monitor speaker muting circuit
User guide

Mic-Pro requirements:
DM Engineering Slave Relay Pack or competitive product with the following available circuits:
+ 9-15 VDC available for LED illumination
+ 1 set of SPDT relay contacts available for each Microphone channel controlled
+ 2 sets of SPDT relay contacts available for monitor speaker muting if desired
+ latching inputs available for ON and OFF functions
+ Solid State Relay driver output and available SSR Pack from DM Engineering or existing SSR output from customer supplied relay pack for ON-AIR or RECORDING signs

Companion Products:
- DM Engineering "MIC PRO 2" Microphone Switching Control
- DM Engineering Studio Slave Auxiliary Relay Pack
- DM Engineering Solid State Relay Pack
- DM Engineering Mic-Pod

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